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This project began in 2022 when I discussed my idea on using photography to raise awareness for the Special Olympics community with my photography teacher. After gaining support from my advisor, Hotchkiss Special Olympics Club's advisor, and the art department, I began asking for Special Olympics organizations' approval to photograph their athletes during training. All the exhibited images were taken during the summer of 2022 and January, 2023. Throughout this project, I’ve met inspiring individuals and witnessed uncountable moments from the world of special athletes. I’m sure the future will bring me many more opportunities to continue building on this initiative.


JULY 2022

I watched the movie Zero to Hero. I met the tributed heroes themselves, So Wa Wai, a 12-time medalist for Hong Kong in the Paralympic Games, and his supportive mother. I learned about his personal stories and challenges as a disabled athlete and also conversed on efforts to support those alike. It was incredibly inspiring to see such a notable figure up close. I also had the opportunity to photograph him in his office at the Hong Kong Paralympic Committee. 

JULY 2022

I visited the headquarters of Special Olympics Hong Kong. Under the guidance of the National Director of SOHK, I shadowed the staffs’ operations and learned much about their work in achieving equality and recognition for their athletes.

JULY 2022

I met Ms. Laura Ling (right) and Ms. Jenny Fung (left), President of Special Olympics Hong Kong Kong and Hong Kong Paralympic Committee respectively. They communicated their concerns on the disparity between special athletes and normally-abled athletes, allowing me to understand the reality of the communities that they lead.


I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Leung Yuk Wing, a 6-time Boccia medalist for Hong Kong in the Paralympic Games. I photographed him in action, met his wife who is a Boccia coach, and interviewed him on his athletic career.



I attended a Boccia training program of Singapore Disabilities Sports Council and photographed their athletes. I also had the wonderful chance of meeting Yip Pin Xiu, 5-time gold medalist for Singapore in the Paralympic Games.


I participated in the Annual Hotchkiss Swimathon, a soon 30-year effort to raise funds for Special Olympics Connecticut. This year was incredibly special as we supported Special Olympics Slovakia for their work in helping Ukrainian refugees as well. This year marks my fourth year participating in this Hotchkiss swimathon.



The Hotchkiss Special Olympics Club hosted Eva and Veronika from Special Olympics Slovakia. We had a board meeting and a school wide open meeting on their response to intellectually disabled Ukrainians who found refuge in Slovakia. I personally interviewed them afterwards to learn more about their personal lives and opinions.


The Hotchkiss Special Olympics Club hosted Ms. Loretta Claiborne, the Chief Inspiration Officer of Special Olympics International. She enlightened us with her experiences as a disabled athlete and the value of her persistence through all challenges. As a woman in her 70s, she inspired us with her continuous passion in learning new sports and remaining active. 

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I met Mr. Michael Mason, President of Special Olympics Connecticut. His enthusiasm and passion for this special community was utterly admirable. With his endorsement , I photographed SOCT’s athletes during their basketball training, further gathering images for my photography exhibition.

MARCH 2023

I designed the layout for my exhibition's souvenir booklet and managed the works and contents for my exhibitions. I reached out to a printing company in Hong Kong to help with the booklets. It was rewarding seeing everything come to fruition. 



After my two exhibitions and many months of conversing with Special Olympics Connecticut, Special Olympics Hong Kong, and Hong Kong Paralympic Committee, I was honored to receive the Care Ambassador Award from HKPC. I was also able to exhibit some of my images in their office.


As my fifth year of supporting Special Olympics Connecticut through the Annual Hotchkiss Swimathon, this event was incredibly special, especially since I had become close with the SOCT team the past year. It was so heartwarming to see my friends swim and support the people I've been long supporting. 



I brought this project to an official close after I reached the fundraising goal for Special Olympics Connecticut and thanked Mr. Mason and Mr. Moon (the Hotchkiss Special Olympics Club Advisor) for supporting my special work for the past year. It was also so wonderful to meet Justin and Jake, two Global Messengers from SOCT. Then, Mr. Mason announced a most unexpected news – I would be receiving the President's Award from Special Olympics for my "photolanthropy" project. It was such an honorable moment that brought tears to my eyes. I will forever be grateful to have met such inspiring people from the Special Olympics community. 


Thank you Mr. Mason and SOCT for this honorable award.

Thank you Hotchkiss, the Special Olympics Club, my photography teachers for granting me the opportunities to pursue this project.

Thank you my family for their words of encouragement.

Thank you everyone who generously supported this cause. Finally, thank you to all the athletes who inspired me along the way. You all showed me what it means to be a champion and my hero. I am grateful beyond words.

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